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The Original Axel Community

For All Your Axel-y Needs

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&Welcome to the Original Axel Community!&
This is a place where you can indulge in everything and anything Axel: pictures, fanfics, icons, art, etc.

&Posts must be on topic. As long as Axel relates to what you are posting, it's all good. So basically if Axel is not mentioned in any way, don't post it here.

&No flaming members. Keep the beef outside of the community. If someone is giving you problems, feel free to contact a mod.

&Please use LJ-cuts. Don't know how? Read this. Things that should go under the LJ-cut would be large images of any sort, fanfics, icons, and anything that would take up a lot of space on someone's friend list.

&When posting icons make sure to use an LJ-cut for 3 or more. Also if you are just providing a link to an icon post, unless there are 3 or more Axel icons in the post, it will be deleted.

&When posting pictures, fanfics, etc. if needed, please provide a rating, or a label for whether it is worksafe or not. Some people might be offended, or at work where things might not be appropriate to look at.

&SPOILER RULE: Please be considerate to other people. Not everyone has played KH2, or has completed it, so if it might be considered spoilerish, use an LJ-cut. I don't wanna delete posts or start moderating them. However, any Axel stuff from Chain of Memories will not be considered spoilerish. If you're unsure, ask :)

&Have fun! :D

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&Kingdom Hearts Ultimania

&keybladerating: Fill out the survey in a post and get voted on which KH character you are most like.
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&rikufans: The original LJ community for fans of the sexy beast Riku! :D
&kh2_yaoifans: A place to read or share yaoi focused on KH2.
&antifisis: A community for Demyx fans
&nihilismflora: A community for Marluxia fans
&xemnas_fans: A community for Xemnas fans
&kingdom100: A Kingdom Heart fan fic challenge
&itstheeyepatch: A community for Xigbar fans
&blossomingspark: A community for fans of the Larxene/Marluxia pairing
&sorrik_axerox: A community for fans of Sora/Riku and Axel/Roxas
&kh_elite: A community for Kingdom Hearts graphics

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